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Welcome to Kindergarten!




Here are some things we have been working on:


Reading: We have been preparing the students to understand the history of the First Thansksgiving! We have talked about the Wampanog and the Pilgrims. We have also discussed the the Pilgrims' voyage on the Mayflower and their reason to come to America from England. We discussed how these groups of people lived their lives 400 years ago and compared it to how we live today. Today was our Feast...the culminating activity to reenact what we have learned. Thank you for your generous donations! Thank you to the class moms who helped out!

Moving forward, we are going to continue working on how readers read and what readers can do to combat a difficult part in their reading. Reading strategies will be posted as we teach them in class. Stay tuned!


Writing: We have been creating our own writing of a complete sentence with learned high frequency words along with stretching out, or sounding out words with support. As you will notice with the writing that comes home, some words are spelt incorrectly. We are working with your children to use their knowledge of sounds to spell words on their own. 


High Frequency words: We have started introducing high frequency words in class. These are words that are seen frequently in text and should be recognized automatically. Please review these word cards at home and read the books that are attached to the card.


    Words introduced so far:

           a, the, it, is, I , can, see, we, go , to, at, look, like, and, on, for, they,          you, am, are, all, and, at 


Math: We are practicing counting, comparing (more, fewer, same as) and reading, writing the numbers 11-20. 


Fundations/Phonics: We have introduced the lines in which we use to write on and where letters need to begin. We will continue to introduce new letters each week. The letters are introduced with a keyword picture to help children remember the sound of the letter. The letters introduced are listed below.














               s-snake -/s/