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Division of Developmental Disabilities



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The Division of Developmental Disabilities assures the opportunity for individuals with developmental disabilities to receive quality services and supports, participate meaningfully in their communities and exercise their right to make choices.

Core Principles:


  • Ensure health and safety while respecting the rights of individuals
  • Promote and expand community-based supports and services to avoid institutional, segregated, and out-of-state services
  • Promote individual choice, natural relationships and equity in the provision of supports and services
  • Ensure access to needed services from other New Jersey State and local agencies
  • Support provider agencies in achieving core principles
  • Ensure that services are high in quality and culturally competent
  • Ensure financial accountability and compliance with all laws and ethical codes
  • Ensure clear, consistent communication and responsiveness to stakeholders
  • Promote collaboration and partnerships with individuals, families, providers and all other stakeholders



 Graduates Aging Out of the School System: Steps to Accessing Services/Supports from the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)


The Division of Developmental Disabilities has released a new timeline of steps that students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who are graduating and turning 21, can take if they are considering pursuing adult services through the Division of Developmental Disabilities. Please share the attached Graduates Timeline with students, families, schools, providers and others who may benefit from the information.

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Updated Guide to Selecting a Support Coordination Agency


The Boggs Center has updated Selecting a Support Coordination Agency: Making Choices, Becoming Empowered, a guide for people with disabilities to use with the support of family, friends, and others close to them when choosing the agency they receive support coordination services from. The opportunity to do this can be empowering as people with disabilities and their families select an agency that they believe will do the best job of helping them plan for and obtain the supports and services they need.


The updated guide provides readers with information and ideas that can help in the selection process, including:


  • Tools for thinking about your life and future
  • Resources to learn about Support Coordination Agencies
  • Sample questions to ask when interviewing Support Coordination Agencies
  • Questions to help make your decision
  • Information on submitting your selection


 Download the guide in English or Spanish on The Boggs Center's website