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      *   Build Your Future Plan
      *   Mission to Transition
      *   Group Homes and Day Programs After Graduation:
          Are These My Only Options?

Build Your Future Plan 



Planning for the future is important for all families. You can’t do it just once. It’s an ongoing process.The Build Your Plan ® tool helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) think about and plan for their future. The interests, preferences, and skills of the person with I/DD are the main focus. The tool guides you through important topics, including:


  • Expressing wishes for the future in writing
  • Deciding where to live and how much support is needed
  • Paying for basic and other needs
  • Getting a job and other daily activities
  • Making daily and major life decisions
  • Making friends and having good relationships


Click on Build Your Plan to get started. You can see your plan and make changes at any time.


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Building Your Plan






Mission to Transition



 Pocket Resume Template from the New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project




Entering the workforce is an exciting new transition for students exiting the education system. This pocket-sized resume template can be a helpful tool for individuals at any stage of the employment process. It includes fillable sections for work experience, education, and references but also offers tips for how to nail the interview. Find more resources from the New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project.



Download the Template






Group Homes and Day Programs After Graduation: Are These My Only Options?




 By: Amy Jedele


As a new (or soon-to-be) graduate, you are faced with choices on how to live your life without the familiarity of a daily set schedule, schoolwork, and activities. Sometimes, this can feel scary and overwhelming. You may ask yourself, "What will I do with my days now? Where will I live?” 


In this blog post, we will explore your options and share resources. People with disabilities and their families are often taught that going to a day program is the next step after high school. What if, instead, you could fill your day with your favorite activities? Hang out with your friends, work at a job or start a career, and have your own personal support staff all at the same time? What if you could hire your parent or family friend to support you in the community? This is called self-direction, and it’s all possible!


Self-direction and other community-based models offer people with disabilities the option to live outside of group homes or “congregate settings”. A person can choose to live in their family’s home, in a supported living environment, or even in their own apartment or home. 


Support staff can be hired to help make this a reality.  These options might sound impossible, but I promise you they ARE possible!  




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