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Excellent Resource For Guardianship Information


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31 Resources To Better Understand Guardianship and the Supported Decision-Making Process




Guardianship webinar


This is an archived webinar that explains the basics of guardianship


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Guardianship information



At 18, all individuals, including those with developmental disabilities, reach the legal age of majority.  This means that parents can no longer make decisions legally on behalf of an adult child, regardless of the nature of the individual's disability and regardless of whether or not the individual still lives with the family. 


Some families decide to explore guardianship as an option for their family members. A guardian is defined as "a person or agency appointed by a court to act on behalf of an individual."  Guardianship can be general or limited to certain types of decisions, such as those related to residential, educational, medical, legal, vocational, or financial issues.


Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Website 

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Lifetime Advocacy for People with Disabilities 

Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of New Jersey, Inc. (PLAN|NJ) provides practical solutions for people with disabilities and their families. Our nonprofit agency ensures people with disabilities are safe, secure, and thriving, now and in the future. We help families of people with disabilities answer the question,  “Who will care for my loved one when I’m gone?”  Related professionals rely on us to help deliver the legal, financial, and independent living supports people need and deserve.


To reach





Community Health Law Project (Offers reduced rate services if cost is a factor for Guardianship filing)



Hudson County Surrogate



Families looking to complete guardianship without an attorney.

SCARC (Assists with ProSe Guardianship in Hudson County)



If you are looking to apply for guardianship on your own the ProSe Forms are here 

(This is the only packet posted and requires DDD eligibility.