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Private School Applications


          If you are thinking of applying to a private school, then you are probably already aware that it can be a fairly large task!  Here are some guidelines to help make the process go smoothly for you.


1—Do your research.  Look at the school’s website, visit the school, talk to others about their experiences at the school. 

2—The school to which you are applying may require an interview.  If so, make sure that you have that scheduled with plenty of time to reschedule it just in case there’s bad weather or you get sick.

3—Some schools require additional standardized testing.  Find out what test(s) you will have to take and then schedule it.  Make sure that you get plenty of rest the night before and that you bring all the supplies you need, such as pencils and a calculator.

4—Make sure that you meet all deadlines.  You may find there are different dates for when your application, transcripts, and teacher recommendations are due.

5—Transcripts—make sure you get your request for transcripts to the guidance office in plenty of time to get them processed.  While we do our best to get them out very quickly, please make your request at least two weeks before they are due.  Remember the mail takes a few days!  Each request for a transcript must be accompanied by a parent/guardian’s written permission that it is okay for us to send your information to that particular school. There is usually a form for this from the school to which you are applying.

6—Teacher Recommendations—Talk to your teachers directly about writing you a recommendation.  Always be polite and always give them plenty of time to write your recommendation.  This is not the time you want someone to hurry!!  If a teacher tells you that he/she can't write a recommendation for you, ask someone else.

7—Counselor Recommendation—Set up an appointment with your counselor so you can share some of the recent activities in which you have been involved and what your goals are.  Bringing a list of your extra-curricular activities and volunteer service hours, including dates of participation, will help the meeting go more smoothly.  Remember—set this appointment up early so you can meet all of your deadlines.

8--Please let us know if you have been accepted and if you need to have your final transcripts sent to your new school.  Again--this final transcript can only be sent with written permission from a parent/guardian.

9—Good Luck!!  This can be a very exciting time and we want to help you be successful in reaching your goals.  If you have any questions, make sure you ask!