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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Q.  How do I make a schedule change?

     A.  If there is a problem with your child's schedule, either send a note in with your child to the office or email Mrs. Werneke [email protected] and/or Mrs. Griffiths [email protected].  

2.  Q. If I have a question about a grade my child received on his/her report card, whom do I contact?

     A.  With any academic concern, you should always contact your child's teacher first.  The teacher is the one who knows your child the best and who will be able to answer questions.

3.  Q. What is the purpose of a team meeting?

     A.  A team meeting would be scheduled when your child is experiencing difficulty in his/her classes and discussion with all the teachers is warranted for information sharing and problem solving.  Team meetings can be scheduled through the homeroom teacher.

4.  Q.  How can I arrange for the counselor to meet with my child?

     A.  There are various ways the counselors can be accessed.  Referrals can be made by teachers or parents, but most often the students refer themselves.  Slips are available outside each of the grade level counselor's offices should your child visit when the counselor is not present in their office.  If a parent would like the counselor to touch base with his/her child, a phone call or an email to the counselor is all that is needed.  The counselor will follow-up as quickly as possible.

5.  Q.  How can I get in touch with my child's teachers?

     A.  The easist way to contact your child's teacher is to leave a voice mail message or write an email.  To leave a voice message, call LVMS at 908-876-3434 and then use the teacher's extension.  This extension can be obtained by listening to the phone directory.  It is advisable to give a home and work number with your message. If you have a more general question about your child's program or wish to share a private concern, you may wish to call the grade level counselor directly.

6.  Q.  My 6th grader is nervous about coming to middle school.  He/She comes home every night distraught and overwhelmed.  What should I do about this?

     A.  Be supportive and understanding.  Many 6th graders experience stress as they make the transition to middle school.  Do not feed into your child's stress, but instead give your child time to adjust.  Usually within a few weeks things settle down.  If you child continues to experience stress, please let his/her counselor know.