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Transfering to Long Valley Middle School

Transfering to a new school can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  We know that it can be very hard to leave all the things with which you are familiar and comfortable--your friends, your house, your favorite store.  At Long Valley Middle School, we have a group of students who are here to help make this transition easier for you.  If you like, a student will contact you and answer questions that you may have about your new school and neighborhood.  You may have questions regarding how classes are set up, what kind of sports are offered, what clubs you can join as well as what opportunities there are in the township for kids to get involved.  If you would like one of our students to get in touch with you, send me an email and I will arrange that for you. 

Check out the school  There is so much information here!!  You can find out about the clubs and activities that are offered, what time schools starts (and gets out!) every day, our dress policy, our school calendar, and what's being served for lunch!  To get a real feel for the school, you can also read our daily announcements to see what is going on and look at the teacher's websites to see how much homework is given.  Get to know us beforehand, and it will seem much easier once you get here.  And long as you're on the internet, don't forget to look at the township website,, where you will find a lot more helpful information.  The township offers a recreation program and sports activities in which you might like to be involved.

We will be inviting you to our Annual Transfer Welcome Lunch, which usually takes place within the first full week of school during the school day!  We look forward to meeting you and to helping you in your transition to Long Valley Middle School!