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Please provide a copy of your child's birth certificate to their HR teacher to be forwarded to LVMS Guidance by January 31st.



High School Preparation


    As the Class of 2020 approaches the middle of its eighth grade year, we will begin preparing our students to schedule their freshman year at West Morris Central High School (WMCHS). 


    A series of orientation programs has been established to facilitate both proper placements in courses and a smooth transition for students. 


   These programs have been developed in cooperation with the guidance department at WMCHS and will be implemented by REACH 2024, a student peer leadership group comprised of juniors at WMCHS.  For the orientation programs, eighth grade students will be assigned to small groups facilitated by a REACH 2024 peer leader.


  Below you can view the dates to remember for the 2019-2020 class.  It is important to keep in mind that your child’s academic achievement this year can impact his/her eligibility and selection for high school courses.  Please reinforce with your child the importance of this academic achievement and its relationship to placement in the WMCHS program.



For a complete list of dates to remember, please click on the link below:

Class of 2023 Dates to Remember - Transition to WMCHS


 FAQ about the transition to WMCHS.pdf