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Helpful Hints for Students

Transitioning from Grade 7 to Grade 8


Demonstrate both your study skills and time management skills through your independent organization of materials and completion of work, your planning for test preparation and studying, and your allocation of time for commitments to sports, clubs, cheerleading, karate, scouts, dance or other activities.


8th graders are the leaders and role models for all students at LVMS. As you demonstrate responsibility, respect, tolerance, and acceptance, the younger students will follow your example. Your spirit and attitude makes LVMS an exciting and welcoming school for all students.

8th grade is the year that you need to maximize your performance.  Your grades each marking period are very important in the process of course selection for high school.  We will begin our scheduling process in January, and your grades may open or close doors to future possibilities in high school.  It is important that you strive to be the best student that you can!

Enjoy the 8th grade experience – whether it is the magazine drive, student council elections, dances, spirit days, concerts, assemblies, sports, Gettysburg, drama club, computer club, band, chorus, orchestra, service projects, or daily classes – make this year a school year filled with treasured memories.