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Lab Safety File


Lab write-up format reference sheet


Microscope Reference Sheet


Graphing online link


Free graph paper (printable)


Metric Conversions website





Period 2 Lab – Day 4, blocks 2 & 3

Period 4 Lab – Day 3, blocks 1 & 2

 Period 6  - NO LABS

Period 8 Lab – Day 2, blocks 5 & 6


Room Changes:

Period 2 - Day 1 - go to B245

Period 4 - Day 2 - go to F207

Period 6 - Day 4 - go to F206

Period 8 - Day 3 - go to F201



*On any 5 day week, we will not have labs on Mondays.

This goes for room changes (Bump-outs) also.

*I will notify you about any exceptions!


Labs Record:


 - Make sure you keep a record sheet listing each group/partner lab we completed in class each marking period. Include who your partner(s) were and what group number you worked in. Also put what your group score was for that lab, after you get back your scores.


Format of Lab Report:


Title(1pt) - located on the lab paper usually or I will tell you


Objectives (1pt) - (Purpose)  What is this lab meant to teach you - you may have to write it in your own words.


Hypothesis  (1pt) -  If-Then format   If applicable!  If no hypothesis, write an essential question pertaining to the lab investigation/activity


Procedures (2pts)- Overview of the lab.  Please list in steps format.


Results and Observations (1pt) – Include any data and all major observations you noticed during the course of the lab. Include data tables if necessary. Number and answer any lab questions here. You can say refer to lab data table if applicable!


Conclusion (4pts) – Discuss results and tell what you learned? Analyze your data and explain your results.  This is where I see if you understood the concepts in the lab or not.

(add personal reflection of lab as well!  What did you think of it?)