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1st Marking Period Binder Contents Check


Contents and organization will be checked

on: ??



*Binder collection will be on: ??


Updated 9-20-19, 8:15 am



*You must keep an organized binder (no smaller than 1 inch biding and no bigger than 2 inches binding) and 4 folders for all of your papers during each marking period.  You will need loose college-ruled paper or a notebook to take paper out for written assignments. 

You should have 4 separate folders, all labeled 

*The outside of each can be labeled 1, 2, 3, or 4 and placed in the following order:

1) Grades Progress/Handouts/Chapter Notes/Outlines,
2) Worksheets/Post-tests/Vocabulary/Study Guides,
3) Syllabus/Chapter Menus/Chapter Work Packets, and
4) Lab Procedures/Labs Record/Labs/Reports.
All sections should be in order by chapter, with the newest on top. You also must have a progress sheet, keeping track of your tests, quizzes, and project grades each marking period, in front of your handouts in folder #1.
At the conclusion of each marking period, I will be collecting a majority of your papers from your folders. You will have to turn in all your quarterly work on a designated date. The quarterly-work collection will count as a separate quiz grade.




*Below is the specific work to be collected in your Current Marking Period Binder:   If I did not give back any assignment to your class, you will not be responsible for having it in your binder!


*Don’t forget:

Updated grade progress sheet (folder 1 on left)

Class syllabus packet (folder 3 on left at bottom)

Lab Guidelines contract & Safety Procedures  (folder 4 on left)



Label the inside of each folder with the underlined (bulleted) information for each appropriate side:


 *Folder 1 – 

  • Handouts (1st folder on left)
    1. Chapter 2 Objectives
    2. Chapter 1 Objectives
    3. Book Cover Instructions
    4. Tips in Doing Well in Biology sheet
    5. Grade progress sheet - paper keeping track of test/quiz/project grades (only) for the current marking period.  You have to list what topics (and what you learned on any question you got wrong - at least 3 total) that you need to independently go over again on in-class tests! For your chosen questions, write the section numbers of your textbook where each topic can be found, to review them.  This will serve as a study guide for future benchmark tests and the SGO given 3rd marking period. 

                 *What should be listed:

        1. Summer Work Test


  • Chapter Notes/Outlines - (in order on right):

   (Notes are not required)

  1. Cornell notes information packet (given week of 10/8)



*Folder 2 – 

  • Worksheets and Post-tests (2nd folder on left) - Keep Post-tests together!
    1. Ch. 1 Variables sheet


        1.  None


  • Vocab & Study Guides (2nd folder on right)
  1. Summer Work Test Study Guides - Chapters 1 & 2



*Folder 3  

  • Chapter Menus with work (3rd folder on left)
  1. Ch. 3 (not started)


  • Work Packets (in order on right)
  1. Summer Work Review packet
  2. Ch. 1 and 2 Summer Work Practice tests



*Folder 4 –

  • Lab Guidelines & Safety Procedures (4th folder on left)
    1. Lab Safety Contract / Rules 
    2. Lab records sheet of group lab or project scores only - list name of each lab, group #, and each group lab’s final score.
      •  What should be listed:


  • Lab Reports / Projects / Activities (in order on right)
  1.  Following Directions sheet