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3rd Marking Period Binder Contents Check


Contents and organization will be

checked on: 4/1/20


*Binder collection will be on: 4/3/20

(Dates subject to change if there are snow days)


Updated 2-25-20, 2:10 pm



*You must keep an organized binder (no smaller than 1 inch binding and no bigger than 2 inches binding) and 4 folders for all of your papers during each marking period.  You will need loose college-ruled paper or a notebook to take paper out for written assignments. 

You should have 4 separate folders, all labeled 

*The outside of each can be labeled 1, 2, 3, or 4 and placed in the following order:

1) Grades Progress/Handouts/Chapter Notes/Outlines,
2) Worksheets/Post-tests/Vocabulary/Study Guides,
3) Syllabus/Chapter Menus/Chapter Work Packets, and
4) Lab Procedures/Labs Record/Labs/Reports.
All sections should be in order by chapter, with the newest on top. You also must have a progress sheet, keeping track of your tests, quizzes, and project grades each marking period, in front of your handouts in folder #1.
At the conclusion of each marking period, I will be collecting a majority of your papers from your folders. You will have to turn in all your quarterly work on a designated date. The quarterly-work collection will count as a separate quiz grade.




*Below is the specific work to be collected in your Current Marking Period Binder:   If I did not give back any assignment to your class, you will not be responsible for having it in your binder!


*Don’t forget:

Updated grade progress sheet (folder 1 on left)

Class syllabus packet (folder 3 on left at bottom)

Lab Guidelines contract & Safety Procedures  (folder 4 on left)



Label the inside of each folder with the underlined (bulleted) information for each appropriate side:


 *Folder 1 – 

  • Handouts (1st folder on left)
    1. Chapter 8 Objectives
    2. Chapter 7 Objectives
    3. Book Cover Instructions
    4. Edmodo contract
    5. Tips in Doing Well in Biology sheet
    6. Grade progress sheet - paper keeping track of test/quiz/project grades (only) for the current marking period.  You have to list what topics (and what you learned on any question you got wrong - at least 3 total) that you need to independently go over again on in-class tests! For your chosen questions, write the section numbers of your textbook where each topic can be found, to review them.  This will serve as a study guide for future benchmark tests and the SGO given 3rd marking period. 

                 *What should be listed:

        1. Ch. 7 Test


  • Chapter Notes/Outlines - (in order on right):

   (Notes or Outlines are required to complete for every chapter)

  1. Ch. 8 Notes (all sections)
  2. Ch. 7 Notes (skip section 12)
  3. Cornell notes information packet (given week of 10/8)



*Folder 2 – 

  • Worksheets and Post-tests (2nd folder on left) - Keep Post-tests together!
    1. "Ch. 7 Quiz" sheet
    2. Ch. 7 Photosynthesis Overview sheet (with labels and questions).
    3. Ch. 7 Discussion questions sheet with EMS sheet attached.

                *Post-Test Quizzes: On Edmodo only! (Only put your scores from Edmodo).

      1. Chapter 7


  • Vocab & Test Study Guides (2nd folder on right)
  1. Ch. 8 test study guide sheet
  2. Ch. 8 vocab matching sheet (sections 8.1-8.2)
  3. Ch. 8 Vocab sheet
  4. Ch. 7 test study guide sheet
  5. Ch. 7 Vocab sheet



*Folder 3  

  • Chapter Menus with work (3rd folder on left)
    1. NO Ch 7 Menu
    2. Class Syllabus


  • Work Packets (in order on right)
  1. Ch. 8 Mitosis Reading Objectives packet
  2. Ch. 8 Study Guide packet
  3. Ch. 7 Practice Test
  4. Ch. 7 Work Packet



*Folder 4 –

  • Lab Guidelines & Safety Procedures (4th folder on left)
    1. Lab Safety Contract / Rules 
    2. Lab records sheet of group lab or project scores only - list name of each lab, group #, and each group lab’s final score.
      •  What should be listed:
        • MP 1:
          1. Sailing Stones Experiment and 6 scenario hypotheses group assignment (week of 9/23).
          2. Water is Life STEAM group project.
        • MP 2:
          1. Iron Chef Macromolecules project
          2. Cell size - cube blocks - activity
          3. Cell Organelle Election
          4. Case of 7 Deaths group assignment
        • MP 3:
          1. Cellular Respiration Board Game project
          2. Ch. 7 group discussion questions (Photosynthesis)
          3. Global Climate Change mini research project


  • Lab Reports / Projects / Activities (in order on right)
    1. Muscle Fatigue lab packet
    2. Toothpickase lab packet
    3. Global Climate Change Mini Research Project (group)
    4. CR and Photosynthesis Flip Book
    5. Cellular Respiration Project rubric (1 per group)
    6. BMR calcuations sheet with snack information and quantity of snack for BMR