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 Non-MSA Honors Chemistry Summer Assignment 2018




The assignments and information below are for Non-MSA students taking honors chemistry in Fall 2018.  There are PDF and Google Doc copies, please see the information sheet for further directions.


If you have any questions over the summer please contact one of us via email. Please keep in mind that we do not check our email every day during the summer months, so please allow some time for an answer. We hope you have a great summer and look forward to meeting you in the fall!

            Mrs. Blake (

            Ms. Feairheller (




 2018 Honors Chemistry Summer Work Information.pdf 




PDF Copy for Printing (double-sided recommended)

 Summer Assignment 2018 POGILs.pdf 


Google Doc Copy


Directions to Edit: Sign in to your google account. Go to "File" and then select "Make a copy...". This will save a copy you can edit to your google drive. When schedules come out in August you will share this new document with your teacher. 


Note: You DO NOT need both paper and digital copies of the summer assignment. Pick ONE. 











Textbook Chapters for your Reference

 Student Edition Chapter 1(2).pdf 

 Student Edition Chapter 2.pdf 

 Student Edition Chapter 3.pdf