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Subject to Change - Listen for updates in class!




  • Chapter Notes




 *Include any class notes you took from the powerpoint slides we did in class. List any activities or group interactions as well.  As always, include all section numbers, the summaries should be at the bottom of every page.




(worth 10 points minimum)

  • 4 points - all required sections and labels (absent - get missed sections)
  • 4 points - proper format
  • 2 points - summaries at bottom of pages (for all pages)
  • (2 points additional for each page of  any other sheet required)
  • See calendar for due dates
  • Update notes each day of chapter in class and provide summaries of information at the bottom of every page.  Essential Question should be at the top of page when we start a new Big Idea.
  • Provide title/number of sections covered.
  • If absent, get information from a classmate and do your notes from the notes link above from any sections missed (or posted to Edmodo).




  • Outlines
    • Read sections and complete an outline.




-Optional - You may do Cornell notes or Outlines of assigned chapters!  Turn in on test day!


    • 5 points - all required sections and labels
    • 5 points - proper format





(See calendar for sections

and due dates)


Chapter :





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