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There is no progress in science without

research and investigation.

There is no success in research without

planning and effort!


**Shirt order Google Form link**NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE!


Google Classrrom Join Code: ?


*Educational Research Center of America (ERCA)

*ERCA opt-out sheet and link


(For the following links, use school Google username and password for access):   


*Google Form for Fieldwork Choices - updated 2/3/20 - only available when I specify

(Only complete 1 time - be careful and make sure it's your account)


*Google Form for Fieldwork Attendance Verification


*Google Form for Absence or Lateness Notification


*Google Form for Fieldwork Attendance Options on Pep-Rally Day


*Google Form for Fieldwork Experience Survey 

*See Edmodo for Due Date


There is no summer work for the Clinical Research and Observation class in the Medical Science Academy

for the 2019-20 school year



Sign out in main office prior to leaving for your fieldwork placements


1st Fieldwork Placement Rotation runs 10/09/19 - 11/14/19

2nd Fieldwork Placement Rotation runs 12/09/19 - 01/29/20

(subject to change)


Guest Speaker Series

*Fall Group (11/19/19 -12/2/19)

*Spring Group (3/30/20 - 4/21/20)

-Dates and times for Spring Group subject to change

based on NJSLA test schedule



3rd Fieldwork Placement Rotation runs 2/18/20 - 3/27/20

4th Fieldwork Placement Rotation runs 4/22/20 - 05/28/20

 (subject to change)



We do not meet on Day 3!

On Day 4 - Bump-out room is F206!!


Pay close attention to when Edmodo assignments are

due - it is your responsibilty



*If not assigned a placement during fieldwork experience dates (or if you cannot go due to a conflict with their schedule) AND you are in school, please report to your normal MSA afternoon classes on fieldwork days for accurate school attendance! 











(1st test on ); (2nd test on)

            (rotate view counterclockwise in Adobe for better viewing)


(1st test on); (2nd test on

            (rotate view counterclockwise in Adobe for better viewing)


            (due at end of semester: Turn in on final presentation day)




            (due to Edmodo on 6-1-20, 8 am) - Presentations start on  - subject to change!

   *Link for posting final topics and questions (deadline for topic posting is )