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*Please read the article below about the dangers of this app!



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Snap Map

What it is:  a cartoon-looking map with Bitmojis of users positioned at their real-life locations.

 Snap Map can virtually show what users are actually

doing (at the gym exercising, listening to music, sleeping at home).

Snapchat users can actually watch as their "friend" moves from one place to another

using a function on Snap Map called Map Explore.


What Users Should Know:  Snap Map compromises the privacy and security of the kids using it

by pinpointing people’s exact location, including home addresses and street names.


Practice Online Safety:  When you first activate Snap Map, you are asked if you want to share your location with all of your friends,

some of your friends or remain private in Ghost Mode. If you have already started using Snap Map,

you can change your privacy setting to Ghost Mode by going to the photo taking mode

and pinching your screen to get to Snap Map.

Once there, you click on the settings wheel and select Ghost Mode to turn off location sharing. 

You will be able to see where other people are but no one will see you.