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Organization and Study Skills Tips


In middle school, kids have to learn how to deal with more homework and a busy social calendar. Learning organizational skills and how to prioritize time is important.

Here are some ways to teach those skills:


1. Organize lists in a logical order

Projects can be organized by due date or 

by time needed or how hard (or easy) they are.


2. Teach how to divide and conquer

Using a calendar, show your child how

doing a little work each day can help

him/her prioritize & organize tasks.


3. Have a front-door "go" box

Designate a place for items your child

needs to remember for school.


4. Color-code tasks

EX: Using a red sticky note for 

important jobs & green ones for things

that have to be done by the end of the week.


5. Use a whiteboard/chalkboard

Your child can make To-do lists, map

out thoughts for an assignment or just

write down things he/she wants to remember.


6. Set a weekly backpack cleaning day

Clearing out old papers, leftover snacks,

pencils, etc. once a week can make

it easier for your child to find things &

stay organized.


7. Keep track of time

Writing down the start & end times for

chores or assignments for a couple

weeks can help your child figure out

how to budget time in the future.




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