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Resources to provide relaxation and "brain breaks" 


Mindshift CBT  - Anxiety Canada


Free app for IOS and iPad: great scientifically based anxiety tools (includes guided meditations, anxiety check-ins, help to adjust your thinking and tools to help you when you need the help fast


Mindfulness can add to the quality of our lives in numerous ways, from nurturing a sense of inner peace to improving the quality of a workout, from enhancing self-confidence to facilitating deeper and more meaningful relationships with others.


In children specifically, mindfulness has been found to:

- Enhance focus in children with ADHD (Zhang et al., 2016)

- Reduce attention problems (Crescentini, Capurso, Furlan, & Fabbro, 2016).

- Improve mental health and wellbeing

- Improve social skills when well taugh and practiced in children and adoloscents


The following link, provides 25 Mindfulness activites that you may want to try!  




Relaxation Techniques: 


1. Deep Breathing 

2. Relaxation stretching

3. Stress Balls or stress fidgets

4. Count to 10

5. Drawing, coloring a picture or journaling

6. Guided meditation (Open the following link in a new tab)

    10-minute Guided Meditation:



Articles/Other Rescources: 


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