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Our Peer Leaders helped organize materials being sent to a classroom in Houston,TX that is in need of supplies! 


Peer Leader Program


Applications due by TBD:



Students who are chosen as Student of the Month for the seventh grade school year are given the opportunity to represent LVMS as a Peer Leader in their eighth grade school year. Students of the Month are recognized for exhibiting good character, care for others, responsibility, and accountability for their academic success. 

In addition to the Students of the Month, 7th grade students will be able to complete the above application for a chance to participate in our Peer Leader program.  


Students who choose to participate in the Peer Leader Program participate in an orientation/peer leader transition in which eighth grade peer leaders work with seventh grade Students of the Month.  Former peer leaders orient potential new peer leaders to the responsibilities of participation in the program.  New peer leaders begin in the program at the end of their seventh grade year by taking part in fifth grade orientations.  Eighth grade peer leader responsibilities include aiding in character education activities, October month activities, orientation programs, and acting as a role model to LVMS students.