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Helpful Hints for Students

               Transitioning from Grade 6 to 7                              


Access the grade portal to view your daily homework.

Use your agenda to list homework and plan for upcoming tests, quizzes, and long term assignments. 

**Utilize your agenda for planning time to study for tests and planning time for the completion of long term projects/assignments.

Always come to class prepared with materials and resources – this lets teachers know you are ready to learn.

Always complete your homework - this lets teachers know you care about school and demonstrates your responsibility.

Use Support Time during the week to get extra help with any of your academics.  

Get to know your teachers and their expectations for success.

If you don’t understand something, ask questions because it will lead to better learning.

Socializing is very important to 7th graders but get to class on time.

Demonstrate respectfulness to peers, teachers, school property and personal belongings.

Get involved!  LVMS offers many opportunities for participation through the clubs, music or sports programs, and various activities that are offered.