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Mrs. Ebert's First Graders are Presenters at Project Wet




Project Wet 2018

Thank you to our chaperones who made attending possible.


What a good job our little teachers did, and they scored lots of compliments doing it---like...

"We thought they were 2nd graders."  "They really know alot!"  "That game is fun!"



Sam has become quite the expert on Tadpoles!








Here are fantastic pictures from this year's 2016 event.

View them by clicking on this picture of Bryan and Nick at one of 

many great learning stations.



As always, THANK YOU to our parent chaperones this year.

We could not have attended without your help!



 THANK YOU to Mr. John Jones and the Catawba Project for inviting our class to be presenters

at the Alder Ave. Project Wet Water Festival.

To get prepared we raised tadpoles in our classroom, read about tadpoles, and researched answers to our own list of questions.  

Then we created the lesson board and displayed three tanks with varying sizes of tadpoles so we could help teach district kids of all ages how important clean water is to tadpoles.

We worked hard for three days and then we were ready to present what we learned!



Click on the logo below to see 2015 pictures of this great 

festival educating our district's students. 

project wet water festival

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