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We arrived at the ACUA recycling facility...

all ready to see where the recyling from our classrooms and homes goes after those

big ACUA trucks pick it up.



Now inside we see...there it all is!



We learned the importance of rinsing containers at home and school before recycling them.



Busy workers move it and then sort items on a conveyor belt.



Next it comes out ready to be pressed into cubes that weigh 1,000 pounds!





Did you know that China buys most of the paper cubes?






 Back in our bus, we went to the top of the landfill to see where the non-recyclable items go.

Alexis, our tour guide, called it a hugh "trash mountain."



    We stood atop the lookout platform, the highest point in Atlantic County, and could see far and wide.



We were happy to share all of the interesting sights with Ms. Culmone's class and Mrs. Wilhelm too.


Below is the special machine that sifts and cleans out debris from landscape recycling to make new soil and mulch.



Then it was off to the picnic and playground area for lunch and some exercise.






 A barrel of thanks to Mrs. Renee Johnson for providing us with such great pictures!


Loads of appreciation goes to our EHT Education Foundation and their generous grant that funded this year's trip.


A mountain of thanks goes to the ACUA facility and personnel for providing a fascinating tour and

an awesome play area to enjoy.


We are learning to be "GREEN" and to be kind stewards of our environment!