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 STEM connects us to Recycling.

During our last week of school my class was challenged to use recycled

   school breakfast cereal and juice cups to design a game.   Requirements were:  

1.  Choose to work in partners, a group, or alone.

2.  The game must have a point system.

 3. Game rules must be included.  

        4.  The game must be constructed and connected so that classmates could play without damaging the design.


Pictures are not available, however, the students were so happy with their designs that classmates played each other's games for two days.

 Mrs. Ebert's "pizza toss for points" design was a favorite among some of the boys!




STEM in our classroom connects us to Geometry.

We were challenged to create a symmetrical design using pattern blocks.


stem design 1  








STEM in our classroom connectes us to our School Garden. 

We worked in partners to solve a real world problem as we 

brainstormed to design a model of a cold weather covering for a garden bed. 




             Hard at work trying to create a design that will provide room enough for plant growth

                        and withstand windy weather.  How can I make the covering stay up?




                                  Testing our design to see if it meets the requirements.

                                             Our assessment and evaluation...

                     What would we keep?  What would we change to improve our design?




                          We had fun!                                               How we started...




                   ....and how we finished.   Do you like our finished projects?  WE DO!