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                    Reading Information for Parents




  • Parents are coaches at home. 
  • Parents are asked to help your child complete their reading time each day at home - at least 15 minutes each day 
  • Books and a Reading Log will come home each day in your child's backpack 
  • Reading Logs are to be used at home to record your child's completed daily reading.  Please return them to school at the end of each month for your child to receive a "super reader reward."
  • Your child should be reading or listening to books that are, for the most part, easy for them to follow and understand (a "good fit book").  They should be able to answer questions about the books as you read together to show comprehension (understanding) of what they are reading. 
  • With all of us working together--parent, teacher, and child--we are on our way to building strong readers and life-long learners!   What a prize!