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Our class strives to be Healthy Kids.


A big thanks goes to our Phys. Ed. teacher, Miss Vezinho,

for organizing this healthy opportunity!

On Oct. 11, 2019 we enjoyed a class with "Chef in the Classroom" and

our friends from Atlantic Care, Chef Marci Lutsky and Amy Hogan. 

We learned how food can be healthy and delicious!




Measuring is important in a new receipe.




We learned about all the heathly ingredients and why they're good for our bodies.



Thank you Atlantic Care, for our receipe cards and measuring spoons!

We even received a sticker or a bookmarker from Miss Vezinho for trying a new food!







    Healthy Air is important too! 


  Thank you, Mr. Braue,  for spending some good Air Quality time with us!




Green Flag = Clean Air

Yay for Green Flag days!



Click on the Green Flag below to see what the air quality is for today. 






 St. Patrick's Day!


happy st pattys day 

Our class learned about Ireland,

read a clever tale about that mythical Leprechaun,

and enjoyed a healthy green snack to celebrate the day. 


healty march snack


healthy st pattys day 


 healthy st patty day


healty st pattys day - evetta


st pattys day - stephen


Healthy foods help us enjoy working hard in first grade.  




Healthy children achieve better grades!  


On October 19th our class began the AtlantiCare Healthy Schools 4-Week Walking Challenge.

We enjoyed our 10 minute walk everyday so much that, even though the 4 weeks is completed, classmates still ask, "Are we doing our 10 minute walk today?" 

  We love our new habit of walking for healthy bodies!




Healthy children make eager learners!



Healthy Food Preparation hosted by Atlanticare

This Fall... 

Mrs. Ebert’s 1st grade class and Mrs. Lucia’s AM Kindergarten class joined together in Mrs. Ruff’s Health and Physical Education class to attend a Healthy Food Preparation Demonstration. Chef Marci asked for volunteers to assist her in preparing a Vegetable Noodle Salad with Ginger Dressing that included vegetables consisting of spinach, beets, cucumbers and sweet potatoes. The dressing contained fresh grated ginger, soy sauce and ketchup. That’s right, I said ketchup!! Everyone sampled the finished product and although the decision was not unanimous, most of the students enjoyed the salad. More importantly, everyone enjoyed the demonstration and learned how easy it is to make a fresh veggie salad and the dressing too!