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Mrs. Royer 

Gifted Enrichment   
St. Martin Parish
Catahoula (1st-5th), Parks (1st-6th), and St. Martinville (1st-6th)

Breaux Bridge (4th-5th) St. Bernard (1st-5th) 
Send Out Program One Day a Week at Parks Primary


Phone Number: 337-845-4663 EXT 2943


2019-2020 School Year


 Please check Remind app for Gifted Ed. Updates throughout the school year


I will visit students at their school to give information packets to be sent home.



Class School Supply List: (Please see Remind message with same info.)

* One inch binder (with top opening for insert sheet)

* 50 sheet protectors (place inside binder)

* Looseleaf paper (wide ruled)

* One subject (wide ruled) notebook

* One pocket folder (no prongs)

* Ear buds (place in ziploc with child's name)

* GIRLS: one box Kleenex

BOYS: one paper towel roll



The following will be learned and explored in each class:


  • New unit of academic enrichment to be explored every school year
  • Innovative teaching strategies; Critical thinking skills
  • Social and Emotional awareness
  •  Technologically based teacher lessons and student activities
  • Creativity and Art; Science Engineering challenges & Math problem solving; Visual Thinking Exercises
  • Student self-assessment, student choices, and student interests will be acknowledged
  • Keyboarding; Creative Leadership; Cooperative learning in groups
  • Smart Centers to practice concepts, demonstrate creativity/originality, & self discovery



 * Daily Lessons*: throughout the year:


SSR; Perplexors (logic puzzles); Journals


Techniques of Problem Solving: Math; Visual Thinking; Keyboarding;


Creative Writing; Research on the Internet; 

Google Chromebooks: Google Classroom: Google Docs/Slideshows

Curiosities and Puzzlements (current and cool things in the world for viewing and discussion)

Engineering Building Challenges














Louisiana Bayou Wildlife Mural





TOPS-- Techniques of Problem Solving.  Math problems that increase in difficulty.  Skills include:  Use resources, choose the operation, guess and test, organize data, use logic.  Teacher will keep a record of each child's completion of activity on a rubric with numbers 1-200 by initialing in the box with the card number, once teacher checks for correction.  Level decks A, B, C, D, AA, BB, and CC.  (3rd through 9th grade)



Visual Thinking allows students to visualize characters, settings, and physical objects.  Concepts: congruence, mapping, order, geometric shapes, illusion, magnitude, part-whole relations, patterns/models, reflection/symmetry, rotation/position, & similarity.

Quick Pick: Critical Thinking-   Multi-sensory activities geared to Bloom's Taxonomy.  Each section includes 20 activity cards that address a different level of critical thinking.  Lowest to highest level.  Discuss it, do it, draw it, make it, and write it. 

Bloom's taxonomy-- Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation.  
Teacher will keep a record of each student's completed activities by writing initials on their record-- to be kept in binder.

1- Attempted  2-With Difficulty  3-Mastered

Quick Pick: Multiple Intelligences-
  Activities are based on Gardner's Multiple Intelligences to engage all students with different multiple intelligences and strengthen all of the intelligence skills while addressing national curriculum standards.  INTELLIGENCES-- Music/Rhythmic, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Existential, Intra personal, Interpersonal, Naturalist, Logical/Mathematical, Verbal/Linguistic, Visual/Spatial

*Teacher will keep a record of each student's completed activities by writing initials on their record-- to be kept in binder.

1- Attempted  2-Completed  3-Showed Strength

** Assessment Checklists kept in each student's binder. **

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Mrs. Royer's Conference Times

Parks Primary
8:00-10:00 A.M. on FRIDAYs
Please call a day in advance to schedule an appointment.
I cannot meet with you unless we have scheduled an appointment.  THANKS !!





St. Martin Parish Grading Scale:
New State Grading Scale














Animated Moon and Stars 


 Jcall is the St.Martin Parish School Board's phone call notifier system.
You may get a phone call or email for several different reasons: when your child is absent,
discipline issues, or Emergencies/Natural Disasters. 
If you get a call and have questions, please email or call me.