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 1st 9 weeks


*Clovis Crawfish Stories with activities


*Bayou Teche


* French vocabulary


*Zydeco and Cajun music


* Louisiana crawfish- art, math, reading, writing, science, and social studies





2nd nine weeks:


(Same as Above and the Following:) 


* Louisiana Food and Ethnic groups


* American Alligator and Nutria Rat


* Writing a song (changing the lyrics) to learn facts about Louisiana animals


* Crawfish Origami


* Friendship Collage


* George Rodrigue: Louisiana artist of Blue Dog series


*Cajun Christmas stories




3rd nine weeks:


Creative Fiction Writing: Using Computer to make a Picture Book


More on * George Rodrigue: Louisiana artist of Blue Dog series


* Floyd Sonnier- Cajun Artist


* Mardi Gras




4th nine weeks:


* Louisiana Legendary Musicians


* Louisiana Folk Life and Traditions



George Rodrigue Blue Dog Paintings

We started to learn about George Rodrigue's paintings: Cajun people, landscapes, and Blue Dog Series in November.

2nd Nine Weeks: (2013) One painting: Students painted blue dog from a copy and then added their own background of their choice;

3rd Nine Weeks: (2014) Second painting: Students chose a different color to paint blue dog and then painted objects related to that theme. Students provided a rationale for that color. The students had a great time and did really well!



2nd/3rd graders: Monday's Class 


 7th/8th graders: Tuesday's Class



 4th graders: Wednesday's Class         


 5th/6th graders: Thursday's Class





Other pictures 






Math Meets Art Symmetry Lesson


  Writing Stories on the Computer (Wednesday's Class)




Popsicle Stick Engineering Challenge- Tallest Tower wins!






Louisiana Bayou Wildlife Mural





Louisiana Bayou by A.M.          and        Louisiana Fish by T.C.