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(Just a few of the highlights of the year) 


* Read aloud, "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" novel by Kate DiCamillo

* Students wrote a letter to author Kate DiCamillo and she wrote us back! Super highlight of our school year!

* Master Artists: Picasso, Grant Wood, and Romare Bearden

    (* Learned about their lives and recreated famous art work with special creative changes)

* Dr. Seuss Poetry Unit (Read many poems by Dr. Seuss and students wrote their own Christmas Poem in the style of Dr. Seuss; Coded their poems (Interactive Presentations)

* Crochet pot holder for Mom for Mother's Day

* Lego Education: Building and Coding  NEW  Lego Robots:  BricQ Motion and BricQ Prime; WeDo 2.0 and  EV3

* Coding ( and CsFirst)

* Snap Circuits

* Math: Techniques of Problem Solving

* Visual Thinking Skills

*Critical Thinking Skills

* Perplexors

* Puzzles

* Field Trip!: Lafayette Science Museum and Moncus Park: May 12, 2023