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4th 9 weeks: March 14- May 23

Famous Artist: ROMARE BEARDEN: Collage art/ Harlem Renaissance


6th-8th graders: Students created their own city (row houses) neighborhood using collage style

4th-5th graders: Students made a collage of a house and a person

2nd-3rd graders: Collage art of a person: dress up and big hands in style of Bearden


Writing Report for Public Speaking 

* Research on topic of interest and reading information and recording on PowerPoint (Presentation to follow)


Famous Artist: ANDY WARHOL: Pop Art


Students will design their Campbell's Soup Cans and variety of their own choice of flavors for the soup


Finishing up our Presidents' Mini-Unit 


3rd 9 weeks:  Jan. 5--March 13


Famous Artist: GRANT WOOD: American Gothic

We are learning about this American artist that used the style of Regionalism.

Students are recreating a parody of American Gothic of their choice by drawing and coloring it.

Students are analyzing art and typing info using Microsoft Word.


Mardi Gras Interest Development Center with 15 activities  




2nd 9 weeks: OCT. 12-DEC. 21


Famous Artist: HENRI ROUSSEAU "Tropical Forest with Monkeys" will be recreated via drawing animals and painting

 Communications Unit: braille, sign language

Students now know over 100 American Sign Language  words and  THEIR ENTIRE ALPHABET IN ASL!


Henri Rousseau "Tropical Forest with Monkeys" 1910


Nov. 16, 2016:

KATC-TV 3: Our classes (Monday and Wednesday) were featured on Good Morning Acadiana and meteorologist Dave Baker explained how we have been learning American Sign Language.

I submitted photos and they chose us as a COOL SCHOOL! Great job everyone!

Thank you to Principal Julie Laviolette for telling me about KATC-Cool Schools! Click here to watch the video!


Famous Artist: PABLO PICASSO


Students made a Cubist self-portrait with mixed media- square colored paper cut outs, foam shapes, and drawing background.



1st 9 weeks:  AUG. 11- OCT. 11


Famous Artist: HENRI MATISSE "Goldfish" painting will be recreated using mixed-media (paint, paper cut outs, illustrations)

 Communications Unit: braille, sign language



Henri Matisse "Goldfish" 1912


Reminder: Keep practicing your American Sign Language  alphabet and other signs



Lafayette: Science Museum & Girard Park