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1.Homework Binder and Folder:  Please check your child's Homework Agenda Book daily for assignments and reminders.  Sign the bottom of each column every night.



2.Wednesday Folder:  Important papers from the office and school staff or PTO



3. Monday Folder:  All student work from the previous week.

 Please review the papers, sign and date that you have seen them.  Often parents ask me how they can help thier child with skills that seem difficult for them.  Anything that has been done incorrectly can be corrected by you and your child at home.  The papers do not need to be sent back to school UNLESS it has been stamped or written on to do so; in which case, please have your child correct and complete the page and return it to school on Tuesday.  Reading Tests, Math Tests and Spelling Test Booklets will ALWAYS need to be signed and returned. 



As always, thank you for your continued help and support!