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Each spelling list consists of 20 words, 5 of them are challenge words ( marked with an *)  Homework will be given each night. There will be a pretest on Wednesdays to help students know which words they will need the most practice on. The final weekly spelling test is on Fridays.  Please help practice these words each week with your child. 



Unit 5, Week 1


create     medium     piano     idea     radio


video     studio     violin     duo     patio


rodeo     pioneer     trio     stadium     audio


*audience     *radiate     *cereal     *Creole     *recreation



Unit 5, Week 2


to     too     two     week     weak


road     rode     stair     stare     bear


bare     write     right     new     knew


*their     *there     *they're     *weather     *whether



Unit 5, Week 3


because     though     taught     bought     touch


would     author     could     enough     sausage


fought     should     faucet     daughter     brought


*laundry     *distraught     *afterthought     *auditorium     *overwrought



Unit 5, Week 4


ceiling     neighbor     either     eighteen     height


neither     weight     leisure     protein     freight


receive     weigh     deceive     sleigh     conceited


*receipt     *eightieth     *neighborly     *deceitful     *featherweight



Unit 5, Week 5


rocky     foolish     rainy     childhood     selfish


treatment     movement     neighborhood     childish     parenthood


crunchy     bumpy     payment     sleepy     shipment


*assignment     *livelihood     *stylish     *environment     *guilty



Unit 5,  Week 6


heroes   dentist    artist   actress    tourist   chemist


monster    control    explode    sample    misnight


outgoing    outdoors    early    certain    perfect


earn    banjos    scarves