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Students can use the Spell City Site located in the Main Menu of this Home Page to practice their spelling words for each week.


** Please see the highlighted words for the modified spelling list.**


Spelling List Unit 1 Week 1


                                      happen           lesson        Challenge Words: skillet

                                      lettuce            spelling                                       picnic

                                      basket            napkin                                         planet

                                      winter             collar                                           system

                                      sister              traffic                                           pumpkin

                                      problem          suggest 

                                      supper            puppet



Spelling List Unit 1 Week 2



                                   pennies          lists             Challenge Words:   accidents

                                   inches            copies                                           libraries

                                   plants             parties                                          mysteries

                                   families          bunches                                        merchants

                                   bodies            crashes                                         carpenters

                                   glasses          supplies

                                   wishes            pencils




Spelling List Unit 1 Week 3


                                   using                leaving          Challenge Words:  included

                                   getting             worried                                          occurred

                                   easiest            strangest                                        supplying

                                   swimming        freezing                                         scarier

                                   heavier            funniest                                          happiest

                                   greatest           angrier                   

                                   pleased           shopping



Spelling List Unit 1 Week 4


                                   clean           shadow          Challenge Words:    entertain

                                   agree           cheese                                             willow

                                   teeth            peach                                               complain

                                   dream          braid                                                 bleachers

                                   grain            Sunday                                             willow

                                   coach           float                                                  wheat

                                   display         thrown



Spelling List Unit 1 Week 5


                                   proud           prowl               Challenge Words:  however

                                   shower        employ                                             mountain

                                   hour             bounce                                             coward

                                   amount        poison                                              turmoil

                                   voyage        annoy                                               chowder

                                   choice         appoint

                                   avoid           broil




Spelling List Unit 1 Week 6 Review List




problem     pennies     inches     glasses     swimming



pleased     shopped     dream     cheese     grain



coach     hour     shower     choice     annoy



*thrown     *display     *pumpkin     *traffic     *families