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Parents and  students can access the class story and skills for each week on the

West Deptford Home page.  Students can partice reading the story of the week

and can work on skills that have been assigned to them.  

Please follow the following steps to log on.




1.  Log onto and go to West Deptford's Home Page


2.  Click on powerschool


3.  Click on parents login.


4.  Put in your username and password.




      Password: abc


5.  On the left click on Pearson Courses.


6.  On the right click on Pearson SuccessNet


7.  Students should be on their assignment page. They need to click

        on the words ....

      Things To Do.  Their assignments will be listed. If students are

      working in the Sidewalk Series , they will need to click on the

      first "To do".  If the student is working in the Reading Street Series,

      they will click on the second "To Do".