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Our Math Curriculum



This year, our class will be learning math using the GO Math! curriculum. This program incorporates the Common Core Math Standards as they learn math in an interactive learning environment. 

Soon after school starts, your child will be provided with a User ID and Password to connect with the extensive list of available GO Math! resources.  There are many games, books and math tools to help your child practice those skills taught in class.  Additionally, assignments specific to lessons taught in school are added to Think Central, the gateway to the GO Math! resources. To connect with Think Central, please click on the link below.

                              Think Central from GO Math!

Throughout the school year, we will be learning new skills but will regularly work on math problems that address number sense and counting.  Each math lesson will begin with an "All About Number __" investigation. This study of the "number of the day" will include practice in writing the number, representing the number in pictures and identifying the numbers before and after our "number of the day".


After our number investigation, we will complete a calendar review where we will count, add and subtract numbers, practice identifying the days of the week and months of the year.  We also graph the weather, review place value and complete tens frames and tally marks.


It is important that your child regularly practice math facts.  This will help your child to solve problems more quickly and deepen their understanding of math.