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Classroom Policies


Building a positive classroom community is a primary focus in my classroom.  It is important that from the first day of school, students learn that our classroom is one in which the policies and procedures created help the students feel welcome, safe and successful.  To that end, during the first days of school, the students discuss behaviors they believe are correct and create their own list of class rules to be followed for the school year.  These rules are positive using words such as "I will" rather than "I won't". 


In addition to the class set of rules designed by the students, there are school rules and classroom procedures your child will be taught.  These procedures are designed to help our day run smoothly, to encourage learning and to provide all students with opportunities to be successful.  During the first weeks of school, students discuss and practice classroom procedures regularly.


Students are expected to come to school each day and be ready to learn.  In our classroom, our behavior chart focuses on positive behaviors.  The chart does include helpful reminders for those students who may have difficulty following classroom rules or procedures.  Throughout the day, individual student name clips may move up or down on our "behavior rainbow".  Students "caught" being good helpers or demonstrating outstanding character move up the chart and receive rewards that may include stickers, bookmarks or a choice from the treasure box.  Students forgetting to follow procedures may move down on the rainbow chart.  They are given many chances to recall and demonstrate positive behaviors before any notification to home is sent.  Our class also works together as a team and earns marbles for a marble jar when they work together positively.  Rewards are given to students at three separate levels. 


Throughout the school year, students also learn about the pillars of character education including respect, trustworthiness, caring and responsibility.  Students learn about each pillar through read aloud books, classroom meetings and activites.  Students are encouraged to adopt these behaviors and are rewarded for their actions.



Please read below for our classroom rules that the students created.  Our signed classroom rules poster is hung in our classroom. 


Classroom Rules

Created and Adopted by 1VE students

September, 2016


We will be safe.

We will keep our hands, feet and objects to ourself.

We will treat others the way we want to be treated.

We will help others.

We will follow school rules.

We will smile.