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Each week, your child will have reading and math homework.  Homework assignments can be found on the weekly newsletter sent home every Monday.



Our school participates in the 100 Book Challenge Reading Program from the American Reading Company.  Reading homework assigned is 1 steps per day, Monday to Friday.  A step consists of 15 minutes of reading. 


In addition to the reading of leveled books, your child should be practicing the words assigned to them and the skills on their word card.  You will find all that your child needs in their 100 Book Challenge Reading Bag.


Your child will also be assigned math homework as needed.  The math homework will be taken from our GO Math! Practice Book.  The homework page will be sent home in your child's home/school folder.  The practice pages will reinforce the lessons taught in class.


Please note that each week, we will be learning a number of high-frequency words.  These words will be sent home either on the weekly memo or on a separate page.  While it is not assigned as homework, it would benefit your child to practice reading these each week.


Thank you for all your support at home!!