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Webquests help you learn




Webquests are a wonderful way for students to direct their own learning.  Webquests typically begin with an introduction to a problem or question.  Students are presented with a task to complete and are given information about internet or book resources.  Students use these resources to research their topic and then complete an assignment.  This culminating activity may take the form of a craft, presentation, paper or another way students can show that they have applied what they have learned.  Cooperative learning and critical thinking are elements of effective webquests.



The following are links to some webquests that I believe correlate well with what we are learning in our class.



Social Studies - Leaders                             

-If I were President



Reading - Story Elements                           

-The Mitten



Science - Polar Bears and Global Warming

-Polar Bears, Going...going...gone?     (This webquest was completed by our class)