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3rd and 4th Grade Gifted and Talented


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Students in the 3rd and 4th Grade Gifted and Talented Program will study aerospace engineering. Student lessons will follow the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Aerospace STEM Education curriculum. The curriculum will periodically be enhanced by lessons from NASA, NASA at Glenn, Future Engineers, Science Buddies,, MIT's SCRATCH, and


Student research will focus on the history and science of flight, rocketry, space exploration, and space settlement.  Mimicking aerospace engineers, students will design things such as models of satellites, rovers, space stations, and Mars colonies.  Students will practice the scientific method by posing a question, identifying variables, conducting tests, collecting data, graphing data, and interpreting data. Students will follow the engineering design process by identifying a need or problem, designing a solution, building a prototype, testing it, fixing problems, and presenting the invention. Students will use their imaginations and knowledge about aerospace engineering to write science fiction stories. Students will identify the importance of computer programming in aerospace engineering by learning to use a block programming app called Scratch. Students will use Scratch to create an animation or a video game with a space theme.