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This year, 4th grade students will learn computer programming, 3-D design, television production, robotics, and engineering. Student will learn coding concepts using a cloud application called Students will explore robotics by solving challenges using the Wonder Robots Dash and Dot. Students will also design and print items for the 3-D printer accessing a cloud application called Tinkercad. Periodically, students will work together to write, perform, and produce a television show in the TV station. To create their videos, students will use a teleprompter app called Promptdog and a green screen app called Green Screen by Do Ink.  Throughout the year, students will work in teams to solve "empathy" based engineering challenges. These challenges will require students to "think outside the box" to find solutions to problems. Using recycled materials in the STEAM lab, students will build 3 dimmensional prototypes of their designs and present them to the class.