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Letters that are highlighted in orange are the letters we have learned so far in K!


You can find the letter sheets at the back of your Kindergarteners Jungle Binder!


a- apple /a/ a/ /a/ (short vowel sound)


b - bat /b/ /b/ /b/


c- cat /c/ /c/ /c/ (hard c sound)


d- dog /d/ /d/ /d/


e- ed /e/ /e/ /e/ (short vowel sound)


f - fun /f/ /f/ /f/


g - game /g/ /g/ /g/ (be careful not to say /gu/)


h- hat /h/ /h/ /h/


i- itch /i/ /i/ /i/ (short vowel sound)


j- jug /j/ /j/ /j/


k- kite /k/ /k/ /k/


l- lamp /l/ /l/ /l/


m- man /m/ /m/ /m/


n- nut /n/ /n/ /n/


o- octopus /o/ /o/ /o/


p- pan /p/ /p/ /p/ (be careful not to say /pu/)


q- queen /qu/ /qu/ /qu/


r- rat /r/ /r/ /r/


s- snake /s/ /s/ /s/


t- top /t/ /t/ /t/ (be careful not to say /tu/)


u- up /u/ /u/ /u/ (short vowel sound)


v- van /v/ /v/ /v/


w- wind /w/ /w/ /w/


x- fox /ks/ ks/ /ks/


y- yellow /y/ /y/ /y/


z- zebra /z/ /z/ /z/









  *At home, be on the lookout  for objects that start with these letters!