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CVC words are part of our Fundations  programs. CVC words are consonant-vowel-consonant words. To read CVC words, the kids are taught something called "tapping and blending." When we tap the word, we look at the word and we simply say the 3 sounds. After we say the 3 sounds we quickly blend the sounds together to read the word. Below are some CVC words that you can write for your child and have him/her tap and blend. After tapping and blending, ask your child to use the word in a sentence.


map, tap, sap, lap, nap, rap


sad, mad, bad, had, lad


red, bed, fed, led, Ted


pen, hen, men, ten, den, Ben


net, met, set, bet, get, pet, vet


lip, sip, hip, dip, tip


big, pig, rig, jig, dig, fig


mop, top, hop, cop, pop


cot, hot, lot, rot, got, dot, not, pot, spot


tub, rub, cub, sub,


mug, hug, rug, tug, pug, jug, bug, dug