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Welcome to Diplomat Elementary and Kindergarten! This is an incredible year in your child’s school career! Kindergarten is full of excitement and wonder, as children embark upon new adventures in the world of learning. I am very happy to have your child in my classroom for a learning adventure! 

This will be a year of growth, important transitions, and the acquisition of new skills. It is a busy and rewarding year as we work hard towards many academic, social and emotional goals- as well as independence!  Kindergarten is an exciting time for the whole family! You are going to be amazed as you travel along this journey with your child. I look forward to partnering with you for an amazing year of "sun-sational" learning!


Please remember to visit this website often to find out important information!


 at Diplomat Elementary

 Home of:

  "...dedicated and responsible learners...respectful and compassionate individuals. " 


...and the Bobcats...


Diplomat A "Sun-sational" Learning Paradise  










Ball Word Champions!!



Baseball - Ahlia, Cooper, Aurielle, Kadence, Serenity, Carter,  Ryan, Giselle, Leah, Michael, Troy, Hunter, Hannah, Martin, Nathan


Soccer - Ahlia, Cooper, Kadence, Serenity, Aurielle, Michael, Carter, Hunter, Ryan, Hannah, Leah, Martin, Nathan


Basketball - Ahlia, Cooper, Serenity, Aurielle, Kadence, Michael, Troy, Ryan, Carter, Hunter, Leah


Football - Ahlia, Cooper, Aurielle, Kadence, Troy, Carter, Michael, Hunter, Serenity, Leah, Ryan


Volleyball - Ahlia, Cooper, Aurielle, Serenity, Kadence, Hunter


Golf ball - Ahlia, Cooper, Aurielle, Kadence, Hunter, Serenity


Tennis ball - Ahlia, Cooper, Aurielle, Kadence, Serenity


Bowling ball - Ahlia, Cooper, Aurielle, Kadence


Ping Pong - Ahlia, Cooper, Aurielle


Hockey Puck - Ahlia, Aurielle, Cooper


Beach Ball - Ahlia, Aurielle, Cooper







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