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Fourth Quarter Kindergarten Skills


Many skills will be taught and graded this quarter, however, not all of them are attached to an individual grade. The following are skills to be assessed throughout the quarter as a inidividual grade. 






  • Answer calendar questions. For example: Where is the year, the month, the days of the week? How many Mondays are in the month, show me April 16th.
  • Count by ones from 1-100
  • Count by 10s to 100
  • Counting on from a given number
  • Chapter 8 – 20 and Beyond
  • Chapter 10 – 2D & 3D shapes
  • Chapter 12-Classify and Sort data
  • Addition Fluency sums to 5 (flashcard response within 3 seconds)
  • Subtraction fluency within 5 (flashcard response within 3 seconds)




  • Phonemic Awareness – Manipulate beginning and ending sounds (Example: change the /c/ in cat to /h/.  What is the new word?)
  • Syllables
  • Writing a Question sentence on topic with correct capitalization, punctuation, and spacing
  • 2 Fluency Reading Checks- Reading words and sentences with accuracy
  • Spelling CVC words (Example: cat, dog, pig)
  • Listening Comprehension:  Listen to a short story and answer questions about it.
  • Blending words with beginning blends.  (/ch/ /i/ /p/) = chip
  • Sight Words


Science & Social Studies

  • Motion
  • Pushes and Pulls
  • Celebrations and Holidays
  • Needs vs. Wants