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                                                   3rd Quarter Kindergarten Skills



Many skills will be taught this quarter, however, not all of them are attached to an individual grade. The following are skills to be assessed throughout the quarter. All 3rd quarter testing will be completed by 3/14.





  • Answer calendar questions about today, yesterday, and tomorrow
  •  Count by ones to 75
  • Chapter 5-addition
  • Chapter 6- subtraction 
  • Chapter 7-count, read, and write 11-19.
  • Writing numbers to 20
  • Addition and Subtraction fluency within 3 "math facts" (within 3 seconds)




Language Arts:


  • Produce Rhyming Words
  • Add and Delete Phonemes (“say –at, now say it with a /c/ at the beginning” = cat) “say dog” now say it without the /d/” = -og)
  • Identifying middle sounds of CVC words
  •  Letter sound dictation
  •  Blending words with digraphs fluently (sh, th, ch, wh) 
  •  Sight words (previous, and new)
  •  Informative/Explanatory Writing– Draw a picture and write multiple sentences that tell something about your picture. 
  •  Reading Unit 3 Benchmark skills
  •  Reading Unit 4 Benchmark skills
  •  Sequencing of a story