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Looking for enrichment to improve reading? Checkout these other word lists:


  220 Dolch Words- alphabetical by grade.pdf  

  95 Common Nouns (Dolch).pdf  

  Fry's Complete 1,000 High Frequency Words.pdf  

Now that you have the list and sight word flashcards, what can you do?


  1. Make concentration/memory game (make a double set of flash cards and lay them out upside down. Take turns flipping over 2 at a time to try to find a match. When someone finds a match, they go again.).
  2. Make another set of the flashcards and play "Popcorn Word Go Fish."
  3. Write words on a window or mirror with washable markers, outside with sidewalk chalk, or in the bathtub with bathtub crayons.
  4. Play "BOOM!" Put the flashcards in a container or pile, and have a couple cards saying "BOOM" (they must look like the other flashcards). Have your child pull a card. If they can read it, they can keep it. If they pull a card that says "BOOM" all their cards need to go back! The person with the most cards wins!
  5. You can use conventional game boards and give them a sight word twist (i.e. Monopoly).
  6. Practice making the words arts and crafts tools such as beans, glitter etc.
  7. Make a Bingo board and play bingo. Use your flash cards to pick a word at random.
  8. Have a sight word treasure hunt.  Have your child search for the card and read the words as they find them.
  9. Spread out some shaving cream on a flat surface and use your fingers to spell the words.  
  10. Play "Scoop & Spell" one of my favorite classroom games! Ask your children about this scrabble tile fun!


If you would like more ideas that the above list write me a note and I will give you ways to practice and have fun together as a family!