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There are various scholarships that the students of HTHS can apply for.  If you need any further help looking for scholarships, please reach out to your counselor.


  • HTHS Scholarships - Various organizations and families in Haddon Township have set up generous scholarships for HTHS students.  These scholarships are listed in a pamphlet that is sent home to seniors at their Senior Meeting prior to the Senior Trip.  Please ask your counselor if you have any questions on particular scholarships. 


  • Naviance - As juniors, each student is assigned a Naviance account.  All scholarships that are sent directly to the HTHS Guidance Office are listed under the "Scholarship List" in the Colleges tab.  If you have misplaced your login or your password, please see your counselor for help.  Click here for the Naviance website.


  • Websites - The most popular websites for scholarships are and  Typically, students will fill out information about themselves and their studies.  This information will then generate a list of scholarships that matches each student.