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  • ŸEnroll in academic courses of maximum reasonable challenge.
  • ŸAttend visits by college and technical school representatives.
  • ŸTake the PSAT in October.
  • ŸAttend local college/career nights and tour colleges on weekends.
  • ŸBegin to formulate a list of colleges and/or technical schools.
  • ŸAssume leadership roles in athletics, service organizations, school activities, and/or in the community.




  • ŸExplore Naviance, a web-based college/career planning tool.
  • ŸTake an interest inventory and explore careers in Naviance based on results.
  • ŸContinue to expand and update all nonacademic achievements and activities starting with 9th grade.
  • ŸCreate a resume in Naviance.
  • ŸUtilize the college search feature in Naviance to continue researching and developing a list of schools.
  • ŸRegister for one of the spring SAT or ACT dates. Apply for accommodations if needed.
  • Ÿ Attend Financial Aid Planning Night.



  • ŸAttend the Higher Education Night
  • Ÿ Formulate a short list of teachers who may supply recommendations
  • Ÿ Meet with your counselor to personalize your college search
  • Ÿ Explore and apply to summer opportunities (volunteer projects, academic enrichment, paid jobs, travel programs, etc.)
  • ŸVisit college campuses.
  • Ÿ Potential college athletes: See you counselor about the NCAA clearinghouse.