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Most assignments must be completed during class unless special arrangements are made.  Therefore, it is very important that class is attended on a regular basis.  Should class be missed, the work can be made up provided the absences is excused.  I am willing to work with you on the time: after school or during lunch within three days after returning to school.  




The student will be held accountable for


  • following classroom/school rules and procedures
  • materials needed for class
  • proper care of equipment used during class 


Infractions to rules and procedures are cumulative in the classroom for the week, unless the problem is persistent.


Make sure all materials are brought to class daily and you are working when the tardy bell rings. 


As for as equipment, students and/or guardians will be held responsible for replacing items that are deliberately harmed or carelessly handled by the student.  Equipment is quite costly and must be kept up in order for students to be able to use them and attain the education intended, please help keep our equipment and environment in good shape.


Classroom Management Procedures:


Please click on each of the links below to review student expectations in the classroom.


   Classroom Rules_2018.pdf   

   Classroom Procedures_2018.pdf