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¡Hola y Bienvenido!
Me llamo Señora Eisenbrey
(My name is Ms. Eisenbrey)
I teach Spanish I and Spanish II.
Contact me at [email protected]

Please, don't be an stranger.  Visit this website often.  Here, you and your parents will find many helpful devices for your inherent sucess in the study of foreign language.  Check the class (or classes) in which you are enrolled for more information.


Let's Go! 2021 trip is to Peru: Land of the Incas


Disclaimer: Pararents and Students, please note that you should only use PowerSchool to see an accuarte graade calcularion, as we use weighted grades in high school. I may enter grades in Google Classroom to track performance and participation, but once trasferred to PowerSchool, the category weights will take effect. PwoerSchool is accuarate, not Google Classroom!

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