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Southeastern Louisiana University Dual Enrollment Program—English 101


The Southeastern Dual Enrollment English Program is a program whereby high school students are given the opportunity to take University writing courses at their high schools and receive credit on their high school and Southeastern Louisiana University transcripts. The course may be taught in a year-long format or in a semester-long format.


ENGL 101. Freshman Composition:Credit 3 hours. Required of all students who do not qualify for English 102, 121Honors or 122Honors.


Course Description:  Instruction and practice in the basic principles of expository writing: the paragraph and the whole composition—the methods of development, the thesis, the outline and organization, the structure and style. Instruction in functional grammar, sentence structure, diction and spelling, punctuation and mechanics, in direct relation to the student's writing.


Program Requirements:


(1)    A computer lab must be available to any and all Dual Enrollment classes daily


(2)     A minimum score of 18 on the ACT in English, and at least an 18 Composite Score.


(3)    Diligent, mature, and focused work ethic.


(4)    Excellence attendance – students are graded on attendance and are docked points for unexcused absences.


(5)    Teacher/Administrative approval


Costs:  Students are given the opportunity to take English 101 for the reduced price of 150.00.  This includes any and all textbooks.  Students should also have internet connection and a home computer, as they may need to finish and submit assignments not completed in class on their own, at home.  Students will also need to purchase a flash drive to save their essay drafts on.  Very often the midterm and final exams require them to go back and review and rewrite a previous essay, so it is very important that they save all work.


Grading:  All grading of final essays, & midterm and final exams, is completed by the SELU mentor/grader assigned to each school.  In addition, high school teachers are required to report attendance totals and turn in any classwork that they individually assigned, such as rough drafts, brainstorming, passage analysis, vocabulary, grammar quizzes, etc. In the end, however, the final grade is determined by the SELU grader, not the high school teacher. This is a REAL college class. 



Grading Scale:


            90-100 A,

            80-89 B,



            anything less than a 60 will result in a Failing grade


Please also note that these final grades WILL APPEAR on the student’s college credit and be calculated into their overall college GPA, as well as high school GPA.  Students must earn at least a “C” to obtain the college credit.




Semester Syllabus/Assignments:


Students are required to complete 5 essays and a series of grammar quizzes.  Each essay requires multiple sources of research that students must access from the SELU online library databases.  Students will discuss, edit, and draft essays in class, and then submit final drafts to SELU via Blackboard, where essays will be individually graded by an SELU English 101/102 instructor. 


Students will also complete a timed 90 minute midterm and final exam, both of which will be impromptu topics posted on blackboard the day of the exam. 


At the end of the year, the student’s HIGH SCHOOL final grade will be averaged in the followingway:


Essay 1                (advertisement analysis)                  100 points


Essay 2                (rhetorical analysis)                          100 points


Essay 3                (music review)                                   100 points


Essay 4                (poetry analysis)                               100 points


Essay 5                (argument)                                        100 points


Participation (rough drafts, editing, bellwork,  journals, quizzes, annotating, etc)                                                                                              100 points


Final and Midterm Essays                                             200 points


Grammar Quizzes  -            averaged and assigned a 100 point grade


Attendance                                                                    100 points per semester


Total points Student earns/ 1000 points    = Final Grade in Class



The student’s COLLEGE GRADE will only be a combination of essay final grades, online grammar quizzes,  and attendance.  Therefore, very often, the student’s high school grade may be a little higher than the college grade, b/c the participation grade isn’t calculated in by SELU, though the assignments in this category are still required.



(Students lose 10 points a day for every late assignment.  Final drafts will not be accepted unless rough drafts are turned in.  Each rough draft is worth 25 points and is averaged into participation grades).




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Jeanne Mayers                                   (225) 695-6111        












Parent Permission to enroll and take English 101 Dual Enrollment




I understand that my child __________________________________ is enrolling in a college class.  I also understand that this class will be more strenuous than the regular high school English IV class.  The grades that my child receives will be calculated by Southeastern Louisiana University through an online program.  These grades cannot be manipulated or changed by the high school teacher.  I also understand that if my student does not maintain excellence attendance he/she will be docked 20 points PER DAY, and that he/she will have a very difficult time keeping up in this class.


I understand that my child will need to purchase a flash drive and have computer/internet access at home in order to keep up with this class.  __________________________


I understand that the final grade will also be on my child’s college transcript and therefore can affect scholarships such as TOPS as well as overall college grade point averages. _____________


I understand that if my child does not pass the college class – English 101-Dual Enrollment, he/she will also NOT RECEIVE SENIOR ENGLISH CREDIT, and therefore, will not pass, nor be allowed to graduate. ____________________________




Parent/Guardian Name: ______________________________________________


Number and/or Email: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature:____________________________________________________________




Student will not be allowed to enroll in the dual enrollment course until this form is returned to the high school English teacher signed, along with the dual enrollment application form, and the 150.00 cash or check made out to Maurepas High School.