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 Welcome to Fine Arts Survey



One of my favorite classes to teach is High School Drama/Fine Arts Survey.  This class has become a traditional senior class, one that high school students cannot wait to be able to take during their senior year. Though the class is a TOPS requirement, many students take the class because it offers them the opportunity to perform, dance, draw, and listen to music - a break from the rigor of their regular core classes.  Fine Arts Survey is divided into 4 sections:  Dance, Music, Visual Art, and Drama.  Each section is loaded with subcategories that are sure to pull out the creative genes in your children.  I always find it so refreshing when high school students are excited to jump out of their comfort zones and try something new, such as ballet, improv, or even participating in a rap battle.  Every single day in Survey class is full of laughter, fun, and unique assignments.  This is also a class where many senior memories are made, and senior classes begin to bond together as one.  Please enjoy a few photographs below to get a feel for what goes on this class each day.  Looking forward to a new journey this year with a new senior class - I cannot wait to see what they bring to the table and what legacy they leave behind!