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Jeanne Mayers

Comm 211 – Southeastern Louisiana University/Department of Languages and Communication

Class Description:

Welcome to Public Speaking!

This class will train you in the organization of materials and the oral and physical aspects of delivery in various speaking situations.  It is intended to give the beginning speech student an understanding of and practice in public speaking.


Class Objectives:

After completion of this course with a passing grade, the student should be able to:

                -articulate the benefits of improving public speaking skills

                -effectively use oral and physical aspects of delivery for extemporaneous                                 speaking

                -understand the need for effective and ethical oral communication in a democratic                   society

                -analyze and construct an appeal appropriate to an audience

                -critically evaluate source materials and oral presentations

                -engage in critical and constructive listening

                -conduct research for a speech using supporting materials and presentation aids

                -outline a speech for presentation and make effective arguments

                -give effective informative, persuasive, and ceremonial speeches



Grades will be determined as follows (per Southeastern Louisiana University):


Introductory Speech                                                                         10%

Informative Speech                                                                           15%

Persuasive Speech                                                                            20%

Ceremonial Speech                                                                             5%

Midterm and Final Written Exam                                                        20%

Daily Activities/outlines/rough drafts/etc.                                             30%




College Grading Scale:

90 – 100                A

80 -89                    B

70-79                     C

60 -69                    D

59 or below            F


*NOTE*  - you must make at least a 70C to get college credit for this course!



Syllabus/Calendar of Weeks/Assignments:

Week1:  Welcome and course policies/class expectations

Week2:  Overcoming Stage Fright and 1st Speech Assignment – video intro

Week3:  Introductory Speech Assignment/ brainstorming and samples

Week4:  Intros and Conclusions

Week5:  Notecards and practice/gestures

Week6:  Introductory Speech Presentations (*Dress Up*)

Week7:  Informative Speech Assignment/brainstorming and samples

Week8:  Topic Selection and Supporting Materials

Week9:  Outlining/Structuring Your Speech

Week10:  Introductions

Week11:  Body and Conclusion

Week12:  notecards and practice/gestures

Week13:  Informative Speech Presentations (*Dress Up*)

Week14:  Midterm Exam Study Guide/Testing

Week15:  Persuasive Speech Assignment/brainstorming and samples

Week16:  Research/Topic Choice

Week17:  Intros and Body

Week18:  Conclusions/gestures/note cards

Week19:  practice

Week20:  Persuasive Speech Presentations (*Dress Up*)

Week21:  Ceremonial Speech Assignment/brainstorming and samples

Week22:  intros /rough drafts

Week23:  conclusions/note cards

Week24:  Practice/gestures

Week25: Ceremonial Speech Presentations (*Dress Up*)

Week 26:  Final Exam Study Guide/Review/ and Testing


*Because this is a Semester Class, we will move faster than the outline above b/c grades must be finalized the first week in December *  (only 15 weeks in a semester)